Yellow Quatrefoil Table

I have been really feeling all the bright, cheerful colors that summer brings & have been just itching to splash some cheerful yellow on something. I just needed to find the right piece & that was proving harder than I thought.
It finally came along when I found this adorable sofa table, are you ready for it? On the side of the road! Seriously, would you just look at the legs on this little beauty. Nice. She was in pretty rough shape though and needed some serious TLC.

Sorry for the horrible quality of the pictures, all I had on me was my phone. But I knew the minute I saw it, this little pretty was going to be a bright shade of sunshine.

Yes, that’s over spray on her poor little self. I was originally going to completely strip her down so I wasn’t too worried about a little over spray.
I decided to go a slightly different route once I really looked her over & started turning around some ideas in my head. I repaired her broken drawer, glued up some wiggly bits & filled in a few minor scratches.
I gave her a good all over sanding with 100 & 220 grit paper & my palm sander then wiped her down. She got two coats of BIN 123 primer. I LOVE this stuff. I’ve used many, many different primers & I continually come back to this one.

You like my pile o’ ladders back there? Ya, I did something cool with those 🙂

Once she was all repaired, sanded, primed, & sanded again, I took her indoors away from the humidity and began rolling on her bright new yellow coat. I used my awesome free Valspar sample in Outlands Daisy. I fell in love with this color, it’s so cheery & bright, but without being obnoxious.
I gave her 2 coats, letting each one dry & lightly sanding in between.

Yes, those are canned goods holding the table up. Doesn’t everyone use fruit to paint? No? huh.

I wanted to give her cheerful little self some sass as well so I used a quatrefoil stencil I downloaded from the very generous Emily over at Jones Design Co. You should go check out how she used this design in her home. Swoon. She is one extremely talented lady.

I printed it off on thick card stock & cut out just one design.

You can see my measurements on my stencil as I figured out its size & the size of the table. I began in the dead center & used my Elmers paint pen to trace around it. You can see on the stencil that I left a sliver of the design on either side of it. I did this as a way to have something to line up to so I kept my design straight & even.

This is how I used the stencil all over the table. You can see how it lined up nicely keeping me on track.
Once I had the entire design transferred to the table, I used a very small artists brush to fill in the quatrefoil.

I apologize for the horrible picture, but it was late at night when I got to this step so the lighting is just a couple of lamps.
Here it is all finished.

I sprayed the hardware with some Krylon white satin spray paint & clear coated it with 2 coats.

Here was the table it this point

I loved how it looked, but felt it needed just a bit more.
I ended up doing some distressing on it, but didn’t get too carried away on this piece. I just wanted it to look like it’s been around for a little while. Well-loved, well-used, but also well cared for.
I gave it 3 coats of polycrylic, lightly sanding between each coat.
So here it is now. Completely finished & looking like a sunshiny piece of rock star!

Sitting with a few other items I’ve finished at my first weekend sale.

I’m lovin’ how it turned out.

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