DIY table from an old wine crate

This weekend I did a little table project created from a wine crate that I bought at a garage sale for $3.00. Yes I wish there were more because they make great storage containers and also can be used in many different projects.

I started by carefully removing the bottom of the crate which was just stapled on by six staples on each side. This now became the top of the table and crate was still right side up. I hammered the top/bottom back on using small finishing nails in the same holes left by the staples.

I then added a pallet board cut to size to fit inside the box for added stability. I had some used banister spindles that were found in a woodpile along with some 2 x 4’s. SCORE !! They were pretty much the same size, but I did cut them down so the table is about 30 inches tall. They were white with many layers of paint and I knew I wanted to have black or dark-colored legs so I sanded them pretty well but did leave some white paint on them.


I then stained the wine crate with a walnut color. I did this by immediately wiping off the stain when I applied it. It came out a little darker then I wanted but with the dark legs it looks good.

I did sand the legs pretty well to remove most of the black and to let some of the white and the wood to show through. I think they came out pretty awesome.

After stain was try the legs were attached with screws and polyurethane was applied to the top only. This was a simple project that anyone can do. It only took me Sunday to complete and most of that time was of course waiting on paint and stain to dry. This was my first attempt at a piece of furniture but I think it came out awesome.

Completed Table

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