White Entryway Cubbies

I have needed something in the front hallway to store my kids cast-off shoes, coats, hats, etc for months. A few months ago I hung some hooks and added their names in vinyl above… but that still didn’t help the shoe problem. Unfortunately I only have a small 27-inch wall to work with.

I couldn’t find anything I liked to fit there so I decided I needed to build my first project using Ana White’s plans. I chose this cubby bench. Since my space was so small I did need to modify her measurements and only included 2 cubbies. At the last minute I also chose to add a shelf above for misc things (my daughter has already decided she can stash her tinkerbell umbrella there).
I started with a pile of pine 1x12s that I got from freecycle. They started off as a very rickety bookshelf.

My husband took it apart and then a friend and I cut all the boards, sanded them and started assembling the bench.

After a new coat of white paint it looked like this.

And here it is in it’s new home.

I love it!
Each kid has a bin for their shoes and two hooks above for jackets and hats.
I’m thrilled with how easy it was to build and am I’m ready to start my next project. Since I still have more 1x12s left from the bookshelves I’m planning to make some laundry basket dressers.

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