Side chair restoration with weathered wood finish

Do you like the look of weathered wood as much as I do? There is nothing more welcoming like a worn weathered wood side chair to dress up any small space within any farmhouse styled home. This old wooden worn country blue chair I painted years ago sat in our cabin for many years.  Recently I decided to bring the side chair home to DIY a weathered wood finish to it.

If you like the look of weathered wood stick around I’ll show you how easy it is to achieve a weathered look finish in less than an hour.

We brought the chair home it sat out on the front porch and most of the paint had peeled off so it didn’t take much to sand the rest.  I did leave some of the blue on mainly because I knew it would leave hints of grey.

I decided not to do anything with the seat since this will be used home as a home accent decor piece and wanted to leave it with a rustic feel.

How to DIY Weathered Wood Finish


  • Kilz PremiumPrimer
  • Smoked Pearl Chalk paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Java Brown Rust-Oleum transformation decorative Glaze

It was entire side chair was painted with Kilz premium primer using a dry brush smoked pearl chalk paint was applied.

How to Dry Brush a Weathered Wood Finish

  • Barely dip the very tips of the brush into the paint
  • Wipe or dab a bit of the paint off on a paper towel before applying it to the surface.
  • In a quick motion barely touching the surface you are working on applying the paint in back-and-forth strokes.

Once the side chair was complete with the weathered technique the entire chair was stained with Java Brown Rust-Oleum transformation decorative glaze.

For a Fall setting the weathered wood side chair was placed in front of our DIY Rustic Wooden Ladder, grapevine wreath was hung on the corner of the chair.  Rustic bucket what was actually an ice cream maker was done with the same technique as the chair was filled with some clipping from the yard.

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