Side table restoration with weathered paint

I just finished up a pretty little side table so I thought I’d share it with you.

This poor little thing was another roadside find.
I really wish I had snapped a picture of it as I found it, but I was in a rush…as usual.
It was in pretty rough shape & its poor leg was lying about 5 feet away.

poor broken leg

I repaired the broken leg, some other minor issues & used filler anywhere it needed it.

After repair work & filler

Then I sanded it all down until it was nice & smooth.

Sanded smooth

I really didn’t expect this one to have any bleed through issues, but once I put the first coat of paint on….there it was.
I went back and added a coat of Zinser primer, gave it a light sanding, then went back to painting.
I don’t have a color for this one since I mixed 3 different whites.
I didn’t have the shade I wanted so I mixed what I had.
Never be afraid of mixing paint!
You can come up with some really great colors & I even keep track of the ‘recipes’ I love in a notebook for future use.

The table got 2 coats of my custom white.

I used grey to highlight the hand carving & underside of the table top.

Trimming out the hand carving for some interest

I wanted this piece to look heavily weathered so I hit it with several different grits of sandpaper all over.
The legs & edges getting it heavier.

I waxed the table with Cece Caldwells clear wax & I just have to say… LOVE this stuff!!!!!
It almost smells like honey to me & it glides on so smooth.
After using this lately it may be very hard to use anything else!

I buffed it twice & the sheen on it is amazing.

One of these days it’ll warm up some & I can go back to taking pictures outside.

I love this little table; she makes me smile.
She’s pretty short for a side table coming in at only 17 3/4″ tall.
I still think she’s adorable.

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