Vintage Serving Cart Makeover

A Vintage serving cart gets a makeover! From boring to bright, painted a beautiful satin finish in Turquoise with a slight distress look, with a smooth finish. Here you have a before picture:

The owner of this beautiful cart wanted something a little brighter.

She decided on Turquoise and I think that was a great color choice. Using 120 basic sandpaper to sand the wood enough for the paint to adhere. Then using 220 grit sandpaper for a smoother finish in between each coat of paint applied.

Outdoors in my back yard, time to paint, and time to take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather.

After sanding wipe clean before you apply your paint.

Loving this Aquarium by @Sherwin Williams paint in Satin finish:

What do you think about this paint color?

Looking terrible, but it turns out gorgeous. I eventually had to go indoors since it started raining, yup I didn’t get too far in the painting process.

Painting in my living room, because the weather is terrible. It wont stop raining. Second coat of paint applied, I love the satin finish look.

I love the satin finish, so far this is my favorite finish to use. Bonds well to the surface and when you sand it turns out really smooth.

The Reveal! (painted a beautiful Aquarium/Turquoise color!)

What do you think?
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