Restored vintage metal cart

Hi friends! Well, we’ve made it through one of our 3 baseball games this week, and I’m already pooped. Today will be another crazy day, but one I’m looking forward to. Speaking of looking forward to something…I picked up a sweet treasure at a garage sale this weekend and have been looking forward to sharing it with you. Today, I bring you the Vintage Metal Cart Makeover…

vintage cart before transformation
Here’s how I found her….dusty, dirty, and covered with rust spots.

But, I knew with a little soap and water….

a lot of elbow grease (i.e. sanding)…and some makeup paint, I’d be able to get her looking pretty spiffy.
vintage cart paint choices
I sent out a plea on Instagram asking what color I should paint her.

The responses were mixed, so I went with my first choice… Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Lagoon (I think that’s the name of the color…I threw away the can) in a satin finish.

I enlisted a little more help to get the job done. Nice outfit, son.

Once she was all dry, I moved her out to the patio according to my original play. However, since we don’t have any other patio furniture at the moment, I decided to bring her in.

She (my son just looked over my shoulder and asked why I’m referring to her as a “she”…hahaha) is the perfect size to be a “catch all” right near the kitchen. Maybe it will save my bar area from being bombarded each day….I can dream, can’t I?!?

There’s a basket on top for keys, sunglasses and phones and plenty of room to go through the day’s mail (as I showed in the first picture with a fresh delivery today). I need to figure out a few more decorative items for the second shelf, or leave it for our library books and/or magazines.
vintage metal cart before and after
I just love how my little vintage metal cart turned out. Here’s the before and after so you can see how drastic the change was. Seriously, does it even look like the same cart? In total, it cost me under 15 dollars. I paid $10 for it at a garage sale for my friends who are raising support for a mission trip to El Salvador this summer and a little money on the spray paint.
In all honesty, I don’t do many of these “furniture” transformations, so I don’t even know if I did it right. I probably should have used a primer and sanded between coats and such, but I was so excited to mind those kind of details. So, what do you think? She’s a beauty, isn’t she? I hope you enjoyed this little trash to treasure moment here on the blog and I hope you’ll visit again soon!

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