Vintage Leather Top Table

I went to our local Value Village the other day in search of a costume for my neighbor lady. I try not to shop there to often unless it is a 50% day, as our VV is way to pricey for my taste. Apparently they think a GAP sweater with stains is worth $12.99… not in my book!
Anyway, as I was wandering around I checked out the furniture section on a whim.

To my utter surprise I scored a great piece for $10! They NEVER have furniture for $10… they price crap for $24.99 ALWAYS! So check out my score of the day! A Vintage Leather Top End Table with a Drawer and Original Brass Hardware!!!!IMG_1350[1]
After I cleaned it with TSP! I taped off the leather portion and primed the entire piece. I wanted to keep the original leather tops even though they were beat up… but that is part of the charm of this table.

I forgot to mention the gaping hole in the back of the table. Most likely it was poorly created to accommodate a power cord of some sort. Needless to say it took a lot of wood putty to fill in! Probably not the best way to fill in a large hole… but this girl works with what she’s got!IMG_1703
I painted the entire table with this light taupe (almost cream) color. This is a custom mix from the previous end table with some brown velvet color added to it!
Hole repaired and primed!
Table painted and ready for glaze! Yes those are paint samples on my kitchen wall! My honey won’t let me paint the walls… so I put samples up all over my house to annoy him into letting actually paint the wall!
Drawer front with Antique Brown Glaze… a mixture of Antique Gold, Brown Velvet, and Black Glaze!
Table after it was partially glazed.
Close-up on the glaze treatment.
Table all done!
With Drawer Open.
Over all Finish.
All Done!

I sealed the entire piece with Minwax Polishing Wax.

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