Vanity storage solution

I’m happy to say that we have a good amount of storage in our house. Two areas that are exceptions are our kitchen and our master bathroom.  Tired of dealing with a ridiculously cluttered vanity in our bathroom, my husband came up with this vanity storage solution.  It more than doubled our storage space!

I really have to give the credit to my husband on this one.  It was his idea and he did the work.  I contributed a couple of ideas and shopped for baskets, but that was it.  This one was all him. The project was inexpensive and he had it done- start to finish including painting- in 3 hours!

Do you have a vanity or other storage area that looks like this?

If you do, then this project is for you!

To make this vanity storage solution, you  will need:
  • mdf boards & a saw
  • screws and toggle bolts
  • paint
  • baskets

 The sink in our master bathroom is a single, but it has a large top.  There is only storage underneath the sink part.  As you can see in the picture above, there is just a hole to the right.  I think it is for a chair to go there, but it has just been a waste of valuable space…until now!

To reclaim this wasted space, my husband measured and cut two shelves to fit from mdf board.  He used scrap pieces from the mdf to brace the shelves from below for support.

He used toggle bolts and screws to attach the shelves to the vanity on the left and the wall on the right.

He then painted the shelves the same color that we had previously painted our vanity.

 He did all that in three hours while I was baking for Thanksgiving with my mom and our kids!

The only thing left to do was add the baskets.  The size of your baskets will depend on how much space you have for your shelves.  I wanted the baskets to take up most of the space on the shelves.  We looked ALL over for 4 matching baskets that were the right size.  We found a lot of baskets that would work, but could not find four that were all the same.  Eventually, we just ordered them from the Container Store.

These baskets are going to get a lot of use, so it was important that they were sturdy.

And that’s it!  All I have to do is move my stuff from under the sink into the baskets and my husband can have the whole cabinet for his stuff!  Almost as good as his and her closets!

Even if this project won’t work for your vanity, hopefully, it gives you an idea for how you can reclaim space in another area in your home!

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