Upholstered Chair Bench

So I had these 3 chairs on the side of my house that my husband could not stand! Finally I decided to do something with them! Steps are pretty basic up there, I did have to cut my legs down because these were those high chairs.
Also after spray painting, I used a matte finish to seal.

Next comes the padding. I found these seats at Walmart 3$ each. I needed 3 1/2 (due to my bench length so I just cut the 4th pad in half. Sew them together so they create one long cushion.

Moving onto the bench base. Measure your length and width. I ended up with 2 pieces of wood due to the fact that I needed 15″ width and I couldn’t find one piece that did that. Step 4 you place fabric (print side down), then your long pad, and the wood. Pull tight and staple gun your heart out!

Ta-Daa! Look at that Cutie!
{I did make those fun pillows for it as well}
To secure the bench base down to the chairs, simply screw from the bottom of the chairs up into the base.

I always love the before & after Shots!

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