Coffee table makeover with Union Jack theme

The before on this piece is seriously ugly!! It was a really weird yellowish color and had a super shiny finish on it. I knew that in order to bring any life back to it, it was going to have to have something really great painted on it. I decided to jump on the Union Jack bandwagon and paint it on this table. Here is the before:

See what I mean?? Gross, but it is super sturdy!

I started by painting the base a DIY chalk paint in gray.

Then I gave it a couple of different washes in blue and a mahogany and then set out on drawing the Union Jack. In order for it to be correct, the proportions of each stripe have to be a certain width and the placement of stripes in relation to the corners have to be a certain way, etc….I did the best I could and got pretty close. Here is the table all taped up ready for the white stripes:

After the white is painted, it looks like this:

Getting the red lines drawn on was a little more tricky, here it is ready for the red…

After the red was painted, I gave it a light sanding and gave it a walnut colored wash.  Then I sealed it up with wax and it’s ready to go:

I think it has a great industrial vibe.  I am planning an industrial makeover in our basement and I think it would fit perfectly!

Have you painted Union Jack on anything?  I am kind of digging it!!  Lots of personality for what was a really boring table!!

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