Kitchen table revamped with shabby chic paint effect

Last night I decided that I would paint the base of my dining room table.

I LOVE this table.
Here it is a year and a half ago when I bought it from a garage sale for $40 including the 3 black chairs. It was an unfinished pine table in a Mexican style.
Remember when that look was big about 10yrs ago?
I had a few BIG pieces in the Mexican style that I’ve re-styled to fit in my house and I knew this table would be no different.

I had always wanted a big table that everyone could gather around and this puppy easily seats 8.

In this picture, you can kinda see how I had deepened the top I just watered down a brown/black craft paint and just brushed it on.
It gave it an old barn wood look.
I liked it but I never sealed it so the paint just came off.

I then painted the bottom white, which I liked but it still wasn’t the look I had envisioned.

So I stabbed it up a lil’. I sanded and stained the top ebony then waxed and buffed it.
Better, but it still wasn’t quit right

So, today I did a layer of my homemade chalk paint in Heirloom White mixed with Plaster of Paris over it and re-shabby’d it up.
Then I applied Ralph Lauren glaze in Tobacco, some wax and finally, it’s PERFECT !!!

I like my bottles on here but not too sure how long they’ll last with my daughter’s cat who’s visiting. He’s not the most graceful.
For now though, they’re purdy : )

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