Two refurbished stools

Stools hunt! I’m on Craigslist several times a day looking for various items to get my little hands on. I had been looking for more stools (a couple of pairs) so I could recreate them (correctly). When I came across these beauties:

I had seen similar stools at TJ Maxx recently in black and I absolutely loved them! But they were $100 per stool. I do think our guests are worthy of sitting their behinds on a $100 stool, but I just couldn’t justify the price, so I’d pass on them every time I saw them. The ones I bought on Craigslist were $30 for the pair. Yep. $15 each. That price was much easier to stomach since I have champagne taste and beer money.

I had also recently purchased these lovely captain chairs on Craigslist ($40 for the pair) from an owner of a bed and breakfast

She said they were her mother-in-law’s chairs and they were given to them when they were newlyweds over 40 years ago. I always need to know the story behind everything I buy.

I just love how worn the chairs are in all of the right places. They now sit at each head of our dining room table. And since rush seats remind me of the dining set I grew up with in my Nana’s house, it makes sense that I’m drawn to the rush seat stools as well.

So I painted the stools black and waxed them this weekend and think they look perfect in our soon-to-be-finished kitchen/dining area (I promise to provide pictures of our entire kitchen very soon. We’re almost done!):

I distressed them ever so slightly. I wanted them to look store-bought, like the ones I saw at TJ Maxx. I’m really happy with how they turned out and how much less expensive they were. Double score!

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