Two-Sided Desk

My kids have a corner in my craft room where they can create. It consisted of a small table with one chair, their computer, some freestanding drawers, and a vertical grid with pails to hold their supplies. I got the table, chair, and grid off freecycle, but they really weren’t working out the way I had envisioned. Everything was just too cluttered and the workspace was too small.

I started by clearing the space and freecycling the table, chair, and grid onto someone else. Then I created a blueprint for the desk I wanted to build. I was inspired from this one I pinned a while ago. Here is the drawing I came up with. I did end up leaving one shelf out so that I could make it short enough to place under a window.

I did have to purchase a few supplies for this desk. I used the 1x12s from the bookshelves and purchased 2x2s for the legs and a small sheet of plywood for the desktop. Building this was similar to the laundry basket dressers. I created the box frame and then added the shelves and cubbies. I glued all edges and then used finishing nails to hold it all together.

I also nailed a couple supports inside for the desktop. Then I primed and painted it all out. There’s a side for my son:

… and a side for my daughter …

Perfect for both…

I left a fairly large opening in the middle because I’m planning to put their computer in there. My husband got a large flatscreen from work a while ago to use with their desktop computer. I can also move the desktop up as they grow. To protect the desktop from all their “projects” I had a piece of plexi-glass cut to fit.I found these great baskets at Target dollar spot. I love them because they’re white, they fit the cubbies, and my kids can see what’s in each.

They also fit perfectly on the shelf under the desktop The slot in the middle is for their scrap paper.

I have one more project in mind for the remaining boards from my old bookshelves so stay tuned.

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