Two chairs repurposed to make a bench

Sometimes it’s fun to go back and look at old projects. This is one of my favorites, a copy-cat version of Sharon S’s signature style furniture. (Now that’s a tongue twister…try saying that really fast 5 times) If you don’t know who Sharon S. is, you simply must go over to the HGTV Trash to Treasure Forum and check out her work. She is a regular contributor there.

I am a huge fan. The woman makes beautiful one of kind pieces out of pure trash. She is super generous about sharing her ideas with others and I’ve seen her work copied all over the internet. But there is only one Sharon S. and her work can not be mistaken. She is truly unique.

This photo is the original Sharon S. inspiration for my bench.


These are the pieces I chose from my stash to work with.


There was a big debate as to which way to position the back piece.

Small edge up?


Or wide edge up?


Wide won out.

I used a couple pieces of stockade fence boards cut up small as the “skirting” detail. Old porch flooring became the seat.

chair bench, yellow 002

I tried to keep the original yellow on the back and the original chippy paint on the flooring (seat), but it just wasn’t working together.


The final version, just before it was sold and carried away.chairbench at show

I really loved this one. Sure hope it has a good home right now.

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