Thrifted Chair Re-Do

Remember my $1.00 bargain chair? I’ve been working on refinishing it over the past week. Working on it a little here… a little there as I had a few extra minutes. And, can I tell you, I just love it? Seriously, my finished bargain chair just makes me smile. And the best part? The entire project cost me ONE dollar. All the paint, sand paper, clear coat I had right here at home left over from other projects. That’s what I call a bonus!

Let me walk you through how I finished my chair.

I started by giving that baby a good sand down. I used an 80 grit sand paper to make short work of it and to really get all those layers of old paint off.

(Let’s pretend there is a picture of a sanded down chair here… I took one, but I think I accidentally deleted it… oopsie!)

Then I dusted the chair off and applied a coat of good ol’ primer.

I taped off the legs of the chair and painted the seat and backrest a beautiful muddy brown color. The color is called Northern Song, by Beauti-Tone, in case you’re wondering. Have I ever mentioned I would love to be a paint color namer? I won’t deny that when I’m picking paint colors I am easily swayed by the name of the color I’m considering.

After two coats of Northern Song, I removed the tape and retaped on the seat and backrest so I could paint the legs. I applied two coats of, get ready, Rosie’s Gardenia, also by Beauti-Tone. Isn’t the name simply divine? Rosie’s Gardenia is one of my favorite shades in the white family, it’s so soft and creamy, ugh, I’ve used it for a few projects in our current house as well as our previous house, and Rosie hasn’t disappointed me yet.

After all my paint was dry and the tape was removed, you better believe I did some distressing. Me and my handy-dandy sanding block distressed the edges of the seat and back rest on the chair, letting the white of the primer peek through ever so slightly. Once I was satisfied with the level of distress my chair was in, I sealed it in with a few layers of satin clear coat. And here is the finished product:

Now my biggest problem is deciding where to put my lovely little bargain. Initially I thought I’d paint it a bright bold color and have it out in my garden with a big pot of flowers on top. In the painting process I ended up going a completely different direction, and I’m not sorry I did. Now I’m not sure though, should I still go with my original plan and have my chair in the garden, or perhaps it would make a nice bedside table, with a little basket and a magazine on top? What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad you came!

Be blessed!

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