The Earth’s finest armchair

I usually don’t post other peoples work, but this is just so amazing, I HAD to share it with you! So, let me introduce you to The earth’s finest armchair – before everyone else gets to see it! This armchair has been created by Helena Hörstedt, one of Sweden’s most renowned and award-winning fashion designers.

In its previous life, it was just an old IKEA POÄNG armchair.

Now Helena Hörstedt has turned it into a unique object of art, that comes with an important message: giving new life to old things contributes to a reduced environmental footprint.

The project is part of Ecoration, a collaboration between IKEA and the World Wildlife Fund WWF focusing on how we can all live a more sustainable life at home.

Helena Hörstedt transformed the shape completely, padding it with worn quilts and pillows. The cover, created from the black linen fabric AINA, was given a three-dimensional surface with countless folds and pleats in a perfect and consistent structure. An expression that has become Helena Hörstedt’s signature, proof that she lets both the creative process and the craft take its time. Her works are no coincidences – they are created to live long.

Photographer: IKEA Livet Hemma / John Gripenholm Stylist: Hanna Meijer

Now, Earth’s finest armchair will be sold at auction! The auction will be held on the Swedish online auction site Tradera/eBay. The auction opens today, Thursday, October 18, at 6 PM and closes Sunday, October 21 at 11 PM (Please note: Swedish time, GMT +01.00). Proceeds from the sale will go to WWF, in support of their work to save tropical forests.

Photographer: IKEA Livet Hemma / Christian Gustavsson

She gave fabulous a whole new meaning!

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