Refurbished round table using Subway Art

I have been lovin’ all the subway art going on around blog land lately! There’s so much you can do to personalize it & make it your own. It was time to put my own spin on it!

I recently acquired a nice table set off CL from a family that was moving & couldn’t take it with them. It’s a small round table that seats 4 without the leaf & 6 with. Of course, in my rush to get started on it, I did not get any before shots of it.

This is a horrible picture, but it’s the only one that kind of shows it’s original state.
When I got this table, I was headed in a shabby white direction, but as I started cleaning it down that changed.

The family I got this from was a sweet young family. They had a couple of small children who were adorable! While I was cleaning the table I noticed what looked like spilled, dried on milk everywhere. It came off easily, but it got me to thinking. I imagined a small child trying to pour their own milk for dinner or maybe a bowl of that sweet, crunchy cereal they love so much.
That small step to independence, another major feat accomplished. According to the amount of spilled, dried on milk, I also imagine they didn’t quite make it. But it was an endearing thought to me. It made me think back to when my own boys were small & all those thousands of tiny, but monumental feats & tasks they took on in their journey to growing.
This table was a family table. It had been when I purchased it & I would continue to make sure it stayed as such. An idea formed.
After cleaning & a light sanding, I primed everything with BIN 1.2.3 primer & let it cure for a few days.
I did make one switch to this set, I switched the chairs that came with it.

It came with the chairs in the foreground here but I wanted a more farmhouse feel so I switched them with the chairs in the background.
I think they go together much nicer.
Once it had cured it got a light sanding & another wipe down before I started painting.
I used my free Clark & Kensington paint from Ace in a flat enamel ‘Apple Tart.’ I have decided I love this paint. It went on smooth & sanded beautifully! It was smooth as butta’ when I finished!

I painted the chairs & the base of the table in green & used a mis-tint white for the top. Yes, this is in the middle of my kitchen. My shop was overflowing with furniture, the shed was only half built & it was drizzling on & off.
I distressed all of it & put my plan into action. I set up my Cricut in the kitchen & began cutting words that reminded me of family.

designing the layout in SCAL software

Adding the first word to ‘ground’ everything around

almost 3 hours later we were finished!

I used a pouncer to apply the green paint

Two light coats was all it needed since I was going to distress it

The most tedious part was laying out all the words. Sizing, fitting, choosing a font etc. I intentionally put the word blessed smack in the center where the leaf would go because I thought it would look cool seperated when the leaf was in. I was out voted in my house full of men, but in the end, I’m so glad I went with my gut.
I peeled off all the vinyl & distressed everything.
For the leaf, I utilized the entire space to spell out the word family. The leaf would be the center stage of this entire table. It was the focus, the meaning, the heart & soul behind all the other words.
For this, I just printed out my letters in a word document, cut them out, & traced them. They were painted & distressed.

The entire set got a coating of Minwax walnut stain, which was applied then wiped back off. It really enriched the colors & gave it that well loved farm table look I was going for. The table also got 4 coats of Johnsons dark paste wax. I LOVE this stuff! It added a small extra hint of color and gave it amazing protection. I also gave the table top itself 2 coats of water based polycrylic since I wanted it to be as durable as possible. The chairs received 3 coats of spray on Krylon clear coat & I added new feet bottoms so they would glide easier on wood or tile flooring.

Adding the dark wax

Spraying the chairs. Yes, I’m smiling because I’m close to completion

I still need a new camera so these pictures aren’t going to be amazing, but I hope you can still enjoy the final outcome.

Chair legs

one end of table

Other end of table

table base


Over all I am in love with this entire project. There were times when I thought about giving up. It was one of the more complicated jobs I’ve taken on in a long time. Not because the execution or techniques were hard, but because everything that could go wrong in one project…did. I can honestly say my blood, sweat, & even tears are in this dining set, but I’m so glad I stuck with it & saw it to the end.
It can now go on to find another family that will love it for years to come. Who knows, maybe there’s more spilled milk in it’s future… I hope so.

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