Stereo cabinet makeover

I’ve finished the stereo cabinet, which we are now using as an end table in our living room.

I sanded the entire piece. The top was in fairly rough shape and needed a really good sanding and some wood filler in a few spots. I then stained it in dark walnut followed by Annie Sloan Rustic Wax. I painted the rest of it in Old White, distressed it by hand with medium-grit sandpaper, then coated the Old White portion with a combination of the dark, rustic wax and Minwax Natural wax. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the dark wax on it, but I ended up really loving it. It makes it look really old and it also makes all of the beautiful detail really shine.

I love the pulls!

This baby is solid wood. Trust me! I’ve moved it around enough to testify as to just how heavy she is. In fact, I moved it by myself this afternoon from the garage into our living room, which requires going up a flight of stairs. Ugh! Let’s just say that I’m really glad no one was watching, and I should not have been moving it alone. But I was determined to get it in its final resting place and I’m stubborn.

This is how it looked BEFORE:

Not too bad for $6.99, ey?

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