Restoring a small farmhouse table

You know that family member that might be a little ‘quirky’ and people outside the family aren’t really sure how to take them? You know the one…
The one that always tells you jokes that make no sense or the one that smells like vapor-rub and tangerines. Everyone has them in their family. If you can’t think of who that might be in your family, well, just realize that there is value in your quirkiness.

Quirky is a good thing. You are an original. You will never be mistaken for someone else. You can rub on all the vapor-rub you want to and your family will just shake their heads and laugh a little to themselves because you are just being you.

This little table has a few quirks of it’s own. And I absolutely adore it anyway. The legs are a little wonky. One of the boards on top doesn’t line up with the rest of the boards. Its legs are a little too spindly looking for some people.
But I love it. It’s like dear old what’s-her-name that is related on my great uncle’s side of the family.
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover My friend Haley bought this table for $12.50 at a second-hand store and her family (the whole family) hated it. Of course, I walked in and it was my favorite piece in her family room.
She asked me if I wanted it since she couldn’t keep it. Ummmm, yes, please. You had me at wonky legs!
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover
A previous owner had stained it with the darkest red stain I’ve ever seen in my life. It was as pitiful as blue hair on your grandma.
So, out comes the stripper (go ahead and get your giggles out) and I took the stain off the top of the table. The legs, I decided, should be painted.

As a part of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest? I received samples from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint company and a can of Safecoat Acriglaze to seal. The colors that I chose were Soldier Blue and Oyster White. I decided to mix the two and see what color emerged. Since this month’s theme for the contest is Farmhouse Fun, I thought this was a perfect fit.
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover
It turns out that the color is a slightly greyed robin’s egg blue. And I love it!
If you’ve never used milk paint before, it does take some getting used to. It can be clumpy and it will flake off if your surface is too slick. But as luck would have it, I don’t mind lumps and the finish on this table was anything but slick. ha
Once the paint is dry, you can sand down the lumps and it gives a mottled look to your piece. Which is just a bonus character.
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover After the paint has been sanded smooth and all the dust has been wiped off, you can seal it with the Acriglaze. You paint it on with a brush and let it dry for an hour. I even sealed the top with the glaze after I stained it with a dark walnut stain. It gives a clear, matte finish that is durableSmall Farmhouse Table Makeover
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover Now that my little table is a little more socially acceptable, Haley’s family may want it back. But sadly, I think this little quirky table fits in better with me.
Small Farmhouse Table Makeover

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