Refurbished small desk

I have a space in our living room that has become my office-y area, while we don’t have an extra room in our house this works! Since have been really working hard on my blog and making quality posts, as well I will be starting an online course that I need in order to transfer to the School I want to finish out my degree, I decided I wanted to upgrade the little desk I had, I thought it was time!

I told my husband it was time I needed a new desk since that was the start to my new space! So the next day we set out for the Goodwill, Salvation Army etc..

I ended up finding the one I got at Salvation Army for $49, not to bad of a deal since the quality was amazing it was real wood no particle board or anything! The pictures of when I first got the desk are not the best I could not find good lighting!

The first thing I did was lightly sand down the entire thing, gave it a rub down with a damp cloth and then began to paint! To paint the entire thing it took about 2 days and I did about 3 coats!

I love this desk white it looks amazing, that little creature you see under there is my puppy Sasha making a mess with all the paper.

The next few pictures are when I was first getting it set up with some of the things I had for the desk!

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