Side table makeover whit stripes

As I said Friday, I’ve been scoring some fun stuff on Craigslist lately, one of which was this measly little side table for $10.

She has scalloped wood details that had been broken off on one side, and a layer of dust that told me this little one needed some TLC.

I, like many others, am FULL BLOWN on the stripes bandwagon. I love stripes. (You should see my closet…talk about stripes rut in the wardrobe department).

Bad-blogger-Ashley did not take any “during” pictures because I was just so anxious to get the table done. And when you’re working with a finite time limit (i.e. nap time), sometimes you just have to skip blogger etiquette.

But I do have my after pictures!

The process was pretty standard:
1. Sand
2. Clean
3. Prime
4. Paint (white)
5. Tape
6. Paint (stripes)

You’ll also notice that I chipped off all the old scalloped edging. It was too broken to salvage, and I like the clean lines that the piece now has without them.

The stripes are a subtle green-grey-brown that I love. The paint color is Behr’s Rhino which I used as the wall color for my old craft room (that never got finished…good thing we moved).

I haven’t sealed it yet because I’m still debating on some sort of stencil on top of the stripes like this: Pinterest

But for now, I love my stripes and my “new” $10 side table.



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