Shutter Wall Shelves

We began this journey around Easter. I was in tears as my husband tore down one wall. When will we finish? What is our plan? We have no supplies, no money for them right now, either, what are you thinking?! I don’t want to live with a torn apart bathroom forever!
His response was ‘Well, we have to do this sooner or later. Why not start now?’

I blamed my emotional tirade on PMS. I adjusted to the idea of seeing bare wall studs, crumbling plaster and century old cobwebs. I assumed it would only be for a few weeks. The weeks stretched into months… We chipped away at the never ending remodel list at a snails pace. Replace plumbing, add a shower, new sink and vanity, replace the subfloor and lay new floor, new electrical wiring, add an exhaust fan, wainscotting and trim. All that was left was to tile the shower walls.With summer vacation approaching and family coming to our house, we decided to tackle it. Neither of us have ever tiled anything before. How hard could it be? As my husband fondly says – what, it’s easy!To prepare we talked to the menards man and watched ONE time-lapse tiling video on youtube. I chuckle as I think of it now. I’d like to assume that normal people do more to prepare themselves for projects such as this.All in all, I think it turned out all right. Sure, there are some spots that could look better, but for our very first tiling event I’d say we rocked it. Or tiled and grouted it. Hehehe. Along with a newly tiled shower, I put up a textured wallpaper to hide some ugly plaster imperfections and a sage green paint. I still have some wallpapering and painting to finish, too. I upcycled some old shutters into towel racks and used mason jars to hold bathroom-y things. Here are some pictures!

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