Sewing Table Makeover

In my last post, I shared a French Garden Sign that was made from the top of a sewing table.

This is what I did with the table base. Painted and a new top added it is now a small desk or table.

We bought this one at a flea market recently. You always see them and usually for a good price.

The top removed and painted.

A new piece of wood was attached to create the new table/desk top.

The back of the table had a thin piece of veneer that I just took off and replaced it with a piece of metal.

I like how it gives the table a new industrial look.

The top was completely sanded down then stained and poly applied.

A little distressing on the drawers and legs gives it a finished look.

A super cute table that now has a new life.

It is the perfect size for a small desk or foyer, side table.

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