Scrapbooked Cardboard Caddies

I love making something cute and useful from garbage!!! I got these from the Primary cupboard. I had to empty out the cupboard a little to make room and I lugged these to the garbage can that I had just watched the Young Men empty a few hours before. So rather than fill up the garbage can, I decided to carry them home and put them with my recycling.

So on my trek all the way across the parking lot to my house, I realized that they were pretty sturdy little boxes that could be turned into something very useful for some of my girlies. The first and only task for my girls was to choose the paper they liked best – this was probably the most time consuming part of the whole process!!!

Eventually they chose these – two for each.  And they also chose what pieces they wanted on the front and edges – again, very time consuming!!!

Then it was my turn to get to work – me and the modge podge.  Have I mentioned before how much I love modge podge?
Anyway, I had no real plan, I just started.  It seemed like the sensible thing to start with the edges, and it was.

I just applied the modge podge with a small foam brush and put the paper on, smoothing it down and around the edges.

I didn’t bother to cover the back any more than this.

After I had all the paper in place, I let it dry overnight and modge podged over the whole thing the next day.  I didn’t need to wait overnight, but I had to clear off the table and get supper ready (can’t wait for a craft room in my new house!!!)

How cute is that?  My practice one is covered, so I tackled the other two together.

I just laid the box on my paper to figure out the approximate size of the angled pieces, then trimmed to fit.

Cute paper eh?  I’m really loving shades of teal these days.
This project used exactly two 12×12 pieces of paper.  I used contrasting papers, but you don’t need to.

Love lime too!

Boxes are all covered – time to get on with other things and let everything dry.

The next day I attached some names and modge podged over everything.

Now for the decorating . . .

Carlee’s name was attached with pop dots to make it, well, pop!

Jenna’s was antiqued with ribbon and flowers added.

And Katia’s is more cutesy – she was thrilled with the bow and flowers!

Aren’t they adorable???
The light through the blinds makes them look wrinkly, but I promise you they dried beautiful and smooth!

Still can’t decide which one I like best.

Carlee filled hers with this sort of girly stuff.

For now Jenna has animals living in her caddy.

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