Rustic Revamp Dresser

When I redid my son’s bedroom, I tried to redo the dresser from his nursery and fit it into our new theme and his new ‘big boy” needs. It looked cute for sure, but alas, as he got rougher and rougher with that shoddily constructed piece of junk it started falling apart every single time he opened a drawer. Like the entire stack of drawers collapsed. (FYI, the jute pulls DID hold up though!)

While this was a super fun game for that little maniac, it was maddening to me. I knew we needed a better solution and when I found this at the thrift store for $8.99, we had a winner.

Let me tell ya, I painted it a coat of white, then black, then distressed it.

Not good so far.

So, if all else fails, “just keep painting!” I did a layer of gray, then white, then brown.

Then I said, “this good for nothing project WILL turn out…we will prevail!”

I painted a thick coat of gray and distressed that bad boy. Added some new knobs from Hobby Lobby and called it a day…well 4 days to be exact with all that drying time, but who’s counting really?

Here it is in all it’s glory, and I like it, except I wish it had little legs…

The paint finish actually looks nice and like it has been weathered over years and years.

Check out this baby’s C-U-R-V-E-S

I also used the little black tacks around the top edge.

You would think that would be easy, but jeez Louise. I hammered ’em all in across the font-just eyeballed it and yup, you guessed it, it looked totally wonky. So I pried them out along with A LOT of the wood and lost a few fingernails too! I filled all the holes, repainted and measured super carefully. Guess what? It is still totally wonky… errrrr.

I really love the chunky black knobs and pulls too. Fingers crossed they stand up to the wrath of a 3 year old boy!

Let’s just say this stinkin dresser took bunches and bunches of time, but I chalk it up to a learning experience so I don’t get too angry!

I am just VERY glad it is finished, sturdy, and working easily for all of us!

p.s.: I also hammered my thumb and the entire nail turned black… this was a tough one…

p.s.s.: You think I threw that broken down dilapidated dresser away don’t ya? HeHeHe Don’t you know me at all? Check back next week and you might just catch a glimpse of that thing on it’s very-very-very last leg:)

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