Revamped rocking chair

When one is the mother of small children, one develops parental hearing and sight impairment. With this power, I can navigate shopping malls with my violently river-dancing offspring, a blog with the deafening song being trumpeted in my ears (like right now), and stare directly at a child as they repeatedly ask for ice cream while never losing my train of thought. Only when I am physically assaulted can I be resurrected from my bubble of blissful silence, so the minions of the dark lord sweet little darlings have taken to shaking me or pelting me with Lego men as they ask their questions. Clever dears.

I actually enjoyed painting this rocking chair today. I used a little roller which worked much better than the brush I used yesterday and didn’t leave brush strokes, duh. I turned on my “Opera Greatest Hits” in the garage and drank nearly a whole case of Coke Zero so I was vibrating by the end, but I managed to get the important parts done before the palsy struck.

So, to recap, I got this chair from Goodwill for $15 as I mentioned in great white north, and planned to paint it Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore. And I did just that, making sure to use an exterior primer and paint so I can rock in the sunshine, rain, snow and sleet.

I don’t quite know where to put it yet. I might just try putting it in the middle of the lawn – it’s quieter there.

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