Roadside chair restoration

When I bought my table, at a garage sale in November, I was able to pick up a few chairs(the black ones) too.

The guy only had 3 so of course, I bought them and thought, “Oh, I’ll find another chair … sometime”.

Well, yesterday while taking my kitty to the vet, sitting on the side of the road, was this beauty.

Shocking isn’t it?
But, I saw the similarities to my others so of course I grabbed it and threw it in my car.
I especially loved how ALL the spindles were held by nails and screws.
I’m thinking of doing ALL my furniture this way … NOT !!!

I knew it was gonna be a day’s job so I started by taking it all apart. Removing the nails & screws was the difficult part since the chair was falling apart.

I then sanded and cleaned it with TSP.
It was DISGUSTINGLY dirty.

I “primed” it with a flat back $1 spray paint I picked up at Walmart.
I really didn’t need a heavy primer since it was pretty much bare wood.
Then I applied Krylon’s Glossy Black.

I then carefully glued all the pieces back together with my trusty Gorilla Glue and used bungee cords to keep everything tight.
I let it dry overnight.

Looking good no?

And look Mom …. no nails or screws : )

Beautiful and it matches : )

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