Revamped farmhouse style footstool

Today’s project isn’t super-involved, just a good old-fashioned Before & After -so let’s get to it!

Grandma’s Footstool.
Very… Grandma.


You can see the wood needs some freshening up. And that fabric needs to go.
The first step, remove the cushion.
This was a breeze, since the lid opens, I just had to remove the hinges.
Here’s a tip when changing out hardware:
keep everything you take off the piece in a container with a lid.
You never know how much time might elapse between adding that coat of paint and actually finishing the rest of the project, so something like this old candle tin (it has a lid) keeps everything together.

I took the base to the garage and gave it a coat of flat black suede paint, followed by a dusting of oil-rubbed bronze for a little texture.
While that dried, I turned my attention to the lid.
I decided I wanted a little thicker cushion on the stool, so I added a couple of layers of carpet padding I had in the basement courtesy of a generous family friend.

Because I was going to be putting the new fabric over both the existing foam and the new padding, I didn’t even bother removing the old fabric. It was in perfect shape and not ratty or gross, so I was all. about. saving myself a step [or three]!

To keep everything together and smooth under the new fabric cover, I added a layer of simple cotton twill fabric.

For the top fabric, I used part of a drop cloth that I had lying around, leftover from my Drop Cloth Curtains.
I liked the color but wanted to add some visual interest.
I decided on some simple stripes, similar to this guy from Pottery Barn:


I just measured and taped off my stripes like you would if you were painting a wall.
A good tip here is to stretch the fabric taut and tape down the sides to your work surface so you don’t run into any rogue bumps or wrinkles.

From there, I just added some black fabric paint and let it dry.

Remove the tape

From there I attached the fabric to the new, poofier lid using the good old staple gun.

Because the lid will open and you’d be able to see my handiwork and Frankenstein staples, I added some ribbon trim around the inside to hide the work.

And forgot to take a picture of that step. Sorry!
But it’s no big deal. I’m confident you can adequately picture it in your head 🙂

And the After:

I’m not sure where his permanent home will be, but for now, he’s happy chillin’ out in the guest room with these books.

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