Reupholstered Arm Chair

Ah! I am so glad that I am finished with this project. From start to finish, this was a six-month project for me. Now, in my defense, I was NOT working on this project during the entire six month spread. I didn’t touch it for a full and a half months because… well, time just happens.

Do you remember how I told you that I am a garbage person?Well, I might have some fairy magic in me too. Because lookie how that hot-mess-of-a-chair looks now.


But wait, it gets even better…

Here is a quick run through of the past posts on the subject of this chair.

Choosing Fabric
Trying to Prep for Paint
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Sanding, sanding, more sanding
Sneak Peak

After telling you so much about the chair, I am just going to let the pictures do the talking for a while. Anyways, my fingers are a bit tired after pulling out so many staples…

In Progress:

Finish product (and in its new home: The Living Room)

A few imperfections here and there… oh well!
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures while making the pillow. It is a very simple design, however. I saw a pillow at Walmart. I liked the way it looked and just kind of “winged it” at the sewing machine. Didn’t turn out all that bad, eh? The fabric and the *shiny* pin are from Hobby Lobby. Gotta love that store.So shiny!Up-close deetsThough it was a lot of work and demanded a lot of patience and perseverance on my part, I am really happy with the outcome! It is really exciting to have accomplished this (it was my first attempt at reupholstering). I wonder what the garbage dump will give me next!

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