How to restore cushions

My beautiful set of Homecrest patio chairs have returned from being professionally restored and people, they are ahhhmazing!
mcm outdoor swivel chair

Sweet mother of all things glorious, look how pretty! And best of all, they were done with no blood, sweat, or tears from me.

Deciding not to tackle this job on my own took some contemplation, ’cause y’all know I’m big on diy’ing. But I realized two things as I was trying to decide:

1) this was going to be an extremely tedious project – look at all those surfaces!

2) the set was something I plan on keeping for the long haul.

So, after years of reviving outdoor furniture and enduring the intense labor that goes into it, I decided to hand this project over to the pros.

And just look at what I received in return. That beautiful sleek finish.
diy painted outdoor furniture cushion
I can’t replicate that.
vintage homecrest swivel chair
And no matter how meticulous my efforts, I’ve never been able to get a finish to last more than a few years. With all the work this set would have taken, I can’t bare the thought of having to repeat it in a few year’s time.
restored homecrest patio set
But this baked-on powder coat finish has longevity and will last two to three times as long (if not longer). Never in a million years could my diy version have given me the quality finish and look of having them professionally restored.

I’m a convert. Some things just aren’t worth the work that goes into them.

Here’s a quick look my chairs before they were restored. From afar, I could make them look presentable. But up close:

Crusty powdery paint, surface rust, and grunge were the real picture.

And did you notice the “new” cushions in the after images? That was a small diy I did that made a big change.

Remember that my budget for updating the outdoor spaces was busted by the new HVAC unit? Yep. That meant some things had to wait. New upholstered cushions was one of them. But there was no way I was putting these faded things back on as they were, so I gave them a few coats of paint!

Upon close examination, these cushions were still in relatively good condition. The stitching + seams were secure, the cushions still had life; and other than some major fading, the fabric was going strong. Salvage worthy? I’m thinking they can hold up at least one or two more seasons.


Good old Rust-oleum.

I am so happy with the results that I decided to take the plunge and have our two lounge chairs done as well. And the kind folks at Georgia Powder Coating were kind enough to allow me to document the process. You can already see how great they look by having them professionally restored, next I can’t wait to show you how they do it. I think you’ll be impressed by the process and all the work that goes into it.

But today, let’s just enjoy my new loves.


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