Repurposed Restaurant Table

Once again Mike came across some great materials. The Chili’s restaurant by his work did a remodel and of course he was looking around the dumpsters and spotted a few of their tile tabletops. After getting permission from the manager he brought two of them home. One was a square shape and the other was rectangular in shape.

We decided to turn the rectangle into a high top for our patio. It was only a table top so we needed to add a base or legs. Mike thought it would be cool to add a base of used race car rims that he acquired from his good friend that has an auto repair shop.

The square table measured 38 x 38 and we decided to just remove the tiles for other uses. This table weighed a ton, so while Mike was making our table I removed the tile from the square table.

A few tiles broke but thankfully the majority came off in one piece. With some cleaning they will be perfect to use in the future.

For the table base Mike welded 3 of the car rims together. He did have to cut one down for the proper height or so we thought!!

He decided to add wheels to the base since the table is quite heavy to move. With it being used outside we had to be able to move it around quite easily. And we forgot to add the wheel height to the base height so the table did end up being a little high.

It might be getting another adjustment on the height but for now it’s o.k. It was even almost level without much adjustment.

To add the tile top Mike welded washers to the top rim and once the top was level he screwed it on. The only other thing done was spay-painting the base black and giving the tile top a good cleaning.

Adding the wheels was a great idea. It makes it very easy to move around. The only thing missing are the stools. We do have one- somehow the other one got cut up and used for another purpose- So guess who will be standing for awhile.

In celebration of our new high top we had an awesome shrimp pan dinner last night! It was great just to hang out a little, cook on the grill and eat a good meal on our newest accomplishment. Yes I love sharing pictures of food- especially when it’s so good.

This table also holds a sentimental value for us. We met at a Chili’s for our first date and somehow have been together ever since.

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