How to restore a dresser

This is a story about a lonely dresser sitting on the side of the road. Once upon a time, it had a sign on it that read “FREE”, but the elements eventually took the sign away. I drove past it for days, maybe even weeks, I can’t recall. Every time I drove by it I thought “I need to get that dresser”, but either there was something else in the back of the car leaving no room for the poor thing, or I’d forget about it by the time I’d get home.

This is how she looked the day I finally pulled up, with purpose, to bring her home to our house:

She was tattered and worn and in desperate need of some repair.

I gave the entire body, top to bottom, including the drawers, a very thorough sanding.

Since I didn’t want any more chipping or flaking of the veneer to occur, once it was sanded, I coated it with two coats of Rustoleum Spray Paint Primer in White. I wanted to seal it really well. I normally don’t use primer when I’m painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint, but this dresser certainly called for it. I forgot to take a photo of this step. Bad blogger am I! And apparently Yoda I am. (*smile*)

Once the primer was dry, I painted the entire dresser in Annie Sloan Old White.

Then we cleaned out the inside of the drawers really well, and lined them with pretty off white and green paper:

I normally use plain white paper when I line drawers, but this dresser is not for us and it’s not for sale! Yes, you heard that right! I decided to use the pretty drawer liner because this dresser is going to our local domestic abuse shelter that houses up to 25 families (that number makes me so very sad) at any given time and I wanted it to be pretty.

We also had to redo the very bottom supports of the dresser:

The supports had been through a lot while it was waiting for a new home, and the bottom had sustained some water damage. For health reasons and structural integrity purposes, my hubby cut out the water damaged portion and built new legs and supports. Now it’s safe and ready for use!

Here it is with its new paint job, feet, knobs and pulls:

The dresser looks to me like it’s smiling and ready to go to its new home.

With the shelter’s permission, I put a little message in the top right-hand corner of the dresser:

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