Refurbished convertible coffee table with lift top

Do you remember my awesome $15 coffee table that I loved? Well, it lasted about 2 weeks until Emmy chewed up the corners. We didn’t replace it because I was to darn bitter and I didn’t want to spend another dime replacing furniture the dog ate. And, well, it was still functional.

Last month I started trolling Craig’s List and I found…the world’s heaviest coffee table.

When I dropped my $30 on it I didn’t really think through how many times we were going to have to lift it on and off the porch in order to refinish it. Side note: I am not a strong person.

This was also my first foray into the land of polyurethane. And, um, holy surface area batman! Between the priming, painting, and poly I’m not sure I want to calculate how long I spent cuddled up with this table. It’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with the results.

I sort of hate oak. Maybe it’s just that I was a child in the 90s when everyone thought this was a lovely color to do furniture in.

Such a lovely golden color.

I originally planned on staining the top a dark walnut color but…well my plans didn’t work out. I think I need a power sander.

The white is actually a lot more buttery than indoor photography is letting on.

The best part: a lift top!! No more spilling soup on my lap. So delightfully practical.

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