Redo Table Under 6 dollars

I found the most perfectly perfect little table for my loft redo and I have a goal: 1 Room for $100! So, finding something to fit in this budget was no easy task! However one of my usual Goodwill haunts had this lovely little lady for $5.90 and I snatched that tag faster than you can say, “stained laminate tabletop!”.

The brown base is cute and matches some of the other brown accents in the room, but something had to be done about that top, and quick!

Book Pages!!!!
Mod Podge!!!!

I already bought the Mod Podge for another project and is included in my loft/ office/ craft room redo budget, so I might as well use it! I love MP anyway, he is my secret crush.

I chose an awesome book for this one (remember no icky books for projects) it is called “How to Build a Better Vocabulary” and was published in like 1954. The pages are so yellow and have really worn reddish edges, and what a perfect subject matter for a table in an office!

I doused the table with Mod Podge and got messy. I had to use my hands and smear and smooth. I wasn’t concerned about it being completely smooth, because my kids will use this table and I will use it when working on my laptop. There is another desk/table in there with a smooth work surface when needed.

Then I gave it 2 coats of glaze for some durability. So simple and so cute. My daughter sits there with me and does her “work”, it’s just the right size for my munchkins. I really wanted to include room for all of us to play and create at the same time and this $5.90 table is perfect!

After the first masterpieces were created, my daughter demanded a place to display her art. So I grabbed my twine and small cup hooks and screwed them in under the shelf I made using my old fence wood!

Down to $84 left for the rest of the redo! This is my second DIY for my redo 1 Room for $100! The first one is my beautiful Book Clock. Since I have so much “junk” lying around my house, I am getting by on a VERY tight budget!

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