Reclaimed Door Coffee Table

I love the men in my family! They all just get me. I’ve been excitedly telling my husband about my idea for our replacement coffee table (the old one was a loaner from a friend who now needs it back) ever since I saw this on Pinterest.

Love. But my search for old doors was proving pretty fruitless. I couldn’t find anything local on Craigslist, and neither did the resale shops have anything. Then karma decided to do me a solid. The Husbane asked if I was ok to handle Charlie alone so he could ride out to his dad’s.

While he was there, he saw this little lovely just hanging out in his dad’s barn:

We measured the total length, which was 80 inches. We decided 15 inches would be good for the legs (making it a total of 16.5 inches tall) and 50 inches long on the top.

The legs are attached to the top using 2 inch screws in holes made with our Kreg jig. For additional stability and storage, we chose to add a lower shelf out of some reclaimed walnut boards my dad gave us. We couldn’t use the jig on those, as the boards are really old and warped, not to mention super dry and at risk for splitting. So we ripped a scrap 2×4 in half to make a thin 2×2 cleat and screwed it into the interior of the door. Then the Husbane just screwed the boards down into the cleat to secure them, and added a facing board to the side to hide the cleat.

I chose to leave the hinges on, but now I’m thinking about taking them off. While they add character, I’ve already bashed my shin against one. And if I’m doing it, then our soon-to-be-little-walker will find trouble with it too.

This table is seriously large and in charge! It’s so much more spacious than our last one, which is kind of a catch 22. Extra space is great, but it’s already turned into a bit of a dumping ground

We’re going to sand the sides and edges of the walnut some more, as there are splinter risks. The tops are quite smooth, since we planed them before we brought them home from my dad’s. I’m also not sold on the hunter green (I feel like it’s very 1995) so I think I’m going to paint and distress it. Maybe red? Maybe navy? I can’t decide! Oooh, what about a cream? I’m still not sure. What color would you paint it?

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