Restored desk with white paint

This desk was found at a local yard sale for only $7. It was in great condition when my parents got it but just needed a little updating. This project is 100% theirs but it was too cute not to share. And who doesn’t love a great yard sale find turned into a cute piece of furniture to use?

My dad began by touching up the rough spots by adding wood filler.

Then it was all sanded down. We did use Annie Sloan paint but the spots had to be sanded so he went ahead and sanded the entire desk before painting. If you are unfamiliar with this paint, it is really amazing because it goes on great on furniture that has not been sanded! That normally is the worst part about painting old furniture but with this paint you don’t have to do it!

We decided that white would look best in our house. The original plan was to paint the desk and sell it, but we ended up liking it better than our current computer desk. So we now use this as our new desk and we sold the other one.

It took three coats of white paint to get it to be this bright of white. We also updated it by adding new knobs.

I loved how this desk turned out. It is made with good wood so we know that it will last over time.

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