Refurbish chair with new upholstery and fresh paint

This is a project I did pre-surgery, ENJOY : )

When I saw this chair at a garage sale I knew I had to pick it up especially since the price tag was only $5

Great bones, but the fabric … eh.
So the first thing I did was remove all the fabric. ALL the fabric. Not an easy job.


Then came a lil bit of primer.
(I did this on the patio so pic came out dark a lil blurry – sorry bout’ that)

I’m currently LOVING

Oh, side note … did ya know that you can buy
Rustoleum’s Heirloom White in quart?
I couldn’t believe when I found A can (1 can only) at my Home Depot store. BUT, I found out that I can have it color matched in Behr. I will be posting the formula when I get to it.

I decided that this chair would be my first victim to try the new paint.

Paint review – VERY thin. Had to do 3 coats to get a good cover.
I think it NEEDS to be color-matched.
I have tried it in spray form too, much better in spray but I like the idea of having it in brush form.
After a lil destressing …. SO cute.

I then glazed it with Ralph Lauren’s Glaze in Smoke

Re-covered it with some left over drop cloth and covered the staples.

Now paired with it’s friend, she looks happy next to the fireplace.

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