Preppy striped file cabinet makeover

A few years ago, my mom gave me a file cabinet that she didn’t need anymore. We needed one, so I was happy to get one for free. The problem was that it was dark green with wood-tone trim. It didn’t match anything. That hadn’t really been an issue because it has been stashed in my basement, out of sight.

But now that I am attempting to pull together an office/craft room, I thought it was time to show the old file cabinet a little love. It was time for a file cabinet makeover.

First things first. I had files hanging in the top drawer but just stacked in the bottom because the wire part where you hang the folders was broken. I was able to fix that easily after taking a trip to Office Max. They had a couple of different options for replacing that part.

After the inside was fixed, I moved on to the outside.

This is what I had to work with…

Since this thing needed a complete paint overhaul, I figured,

“Why not do something fun?”

So I decided on wide stripes like a polo shirt. Pink and white stripes.

First, I painted the whole thing white. This took at least three coats of spray paint. It was cold out when I did this project, so I worked in my garage. It is important to have good ventilation and I would recommend wearing a mask because there was a lot of spray paint involved in this project.

After the white paint is good and dry, measure out how wide you’d like your stripes to be. Use a ruler and a level to mark straight lines and use painters tape to tape them off. Make sure the tape is on the part that you want to stay white. I made my stripes approximately 5 inches wide.

Then cover the part you want to stay white with newspaper to avoid overspray.

Spray on 2-3 coats of pink paint to make your stripes.

Once the pink paint is somewhat dry, carefully peel off the tape and paper and there you have it!

A new look for your old file cabinet!

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