Porch Table

I am loving this little table addition to my front porch. It was only $7.99 at my thrift store and now it totally matches our home!
I used the gray from my front door to paint the base of this table and added off white accents.

I finished it with a satin polyurethane to hopefully protect if from the elements and my kids!

I love the little trough underneath. It is currently holding sidewalk chalk and sunscreen. And hopefully, this will help corral the miscellaneous junk that accumulates on our front porch. You know, matchbox cars, swimming goggles, sunglasses, etc.

This table is nice and narrow and fits just perfectly on my tiny porch.

I would like to get a small flower pot that would fit on top too.

I just need to get a few things straight with all the neighborhood kids, that chair is for MY behind! They can tough it out and sit on the steps:)

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