Restored porch chairs

I got two chairs to our new house last fall. I liked how they were similar but mismatched at the same time. They have seen several layers of paint and who knows how many years of service. I knew that I would recover the seats but was unsure of what paint finish I wanted to achieve. I thought about lightly sanding the edges to reveal the dark wood underneath. Kind of ‘shabby chic’. But these chairs would be sitting against a house with white siding. I want them to pop, not blend in. I washed and prepped the chairs, removed the seats and got to work.

I applied an acrylic green wash with a rag. It looked hideous. I quickly decided that brown was the way to go; it would match my seat fabric, pop against the house and match whatever color I decide to paint the porch this spring.

Although it was a mere 45 degrees, it was sunny. I decided to spray paint. I found a snow-free part of the yard and applied one coat to each chair. I used an entire can. If any spots were missed – too bad. *chuckle*

Here is the finished product. I love-LOVE-LoVe the seat fabric. It’s a Michael Miller print called Ginger Blossom.

So here is where they sit. I can imagine a freshly painted porch floor and cute curtains or shades in the window behind them.

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