Playroom wardrobe makeover

Oh, get ready folks! For today, do you remember the awesome, antique wardrobe I found on Craigslist (for $100) ?

Well, here it is today in all of its colorful glory:

The yellow paint is Rustoleum spray paint in “Summer Squash”, the polka dot knobs are from Hobby Lobby and the playful fabric is “Waterlilly Confetti” from Joann Fabric. I wanted something bold and bright and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I got. Agree?
I started by sanding (mostly with a power sander, but I also hand sanded it in some areas) the entire wardrobe completely. The previous owner had splatter painted it. Yuck! Because the white paint had been thrown in random patterns on top of the blue, it was really thick in most places and needed to be sanded down evenly with the blue paint, and in some areas, right down to the bare wood to create a smooth, new painting surface.

Once it was sanded smooth, I primed it with two coats of white primer, followed by 3 coats of Summer Squash. This baby required a lot of love!

Since there were no inserts whatsoever for the doors, and I wanted something more sturdy then just the fabric floating in the doorways, we bought some MDF and the hubby cut it to size for each door. I then wrapped each piece in muslin first (just like a Christmas present like I explained in my Upholstery Tutorial), then again with the Waterlilly Confetti fabric.

I only used the tape to hold the fabric in place. It is now officially hot glued to the MDF. I thought about using a staple gun, but the staples would have gone straight through the board! We secured the boards inside each window with mirror hangers and screwed them in place.

So voila! A fantastic Craigslist find redone to create infinite giggles through the years in the playroom as it holds toys, play clothes, art supplies, and lots of memories to come!

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