Upcycled cabinet for playroom with chalkboard paint

It took me a few weeks to finish but it’s all done! Last month I dove into the chalkboard paint craze with my chalkboard painted cutting board. This month I finally finished painting the inserts on this TV cabinet we have in our playroom.

Here is what is looked like before.

And here it is now!

This is the same TV cabinet that I had in my college apartment so it has been around a long time! It’s not in our budget to buy a new cabinet right now so it’s all about working with what we have. I had a lot of fun giving this little cabinet a new look.

Plus I’m sure having a place to write down some playroom rules will come in handy.

I also painted these wood containers that I found at Michael’s. The sales clerk said they were supposed to be CD cases. Does anyone use CD cases anymore? I thought they would make nice book holders so I bought a few to test out. Olivia’s collection of books is growing like crazy so I have to figure out a way to organize them.

Before Olivia was born, the playroom was our “workout room” and we enjoyed having the TV. We haven’t moved it out, now that it’s the playroom, and I’m not sure if we will. I actually like having one in there since our living room area is small and doesn’t allow for things like Wii games or dance along movies.

We also had a mini-refrigerator in there for cold bottles of water after workouts. I have to say I’m not ready to see this go either. It’s nice having a few cold drinks right upstairs for late-night thirst-quenching!

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