Play Kitchen Set Made Of Old Nightstand

As a child, most girls love to have their own kitchen playsets which they enjoy playing with. Well, you can say that every girl grows her interest in cooking at this very phase of their lives. Why only girls even little boys are often noticed to fiddle around with their sister’s kitchen playset. Speaking of the play kitchen set, you may get a variety of fancy designs in the shop but they are unnecessarily expensive.
Instead of wasting your money on that why not use an old nightstand in your house to make a play kitchen set for your child? By following the steps that are slated below you can actually design a brand new play kitchen set for your kid out of an old nightstand.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started and surprise your child on her birthday!

How to Make A New Play Kitchen Set?

In order to make a new play kitchen set, you will be requiring the following materials:

  1. An old nightstand
  2. Paint
  3. Few old door knobs
  4. A J shaped steel piece
  5. A steel bowl
  6. A piece of frosted glass and
  7. Bamboo coasters

In order to get all these items you need go out for store shopping. But it’s still going to cost you less than what you would have paid for a new play kitchen set from the shop. Here you go with the steps:

  1. At first, you need to change the look of the nightstand and make it look like a kitchen counter. In order to do so cut a hole in the top drawer to make it an oven. Complete the oven by fixing the frosted glace in the hole.
  2. Once you are done with the oven, move on to the sink where you need to make a deep dent on the top of the nightstand so that the bowl can be fixed inside it. Well, that’s your sink.
  3. Now for the faucet of the sink, use the J shaped steel piece and for the tap, you can use the doorknobs. You also need a few more doorknobs in order to make the stove knobs. Whereas for the stove you can use the bamboo coaster that you brought.
  4. After all, this is ready, you can assume that your outline of the kitchen playset is ready now all you need to do is paint it. Make use of fancy colors in order to make it look playful.
  5. You can also fix a magnetic board on the back of the nightstand so that it works as a wall and paint it too.

There you have your new play kitchen set ready for your kid. To make it even better you can also bring in some play kitchen utensils. That will complete the whole play kitchen set for your kid. Once you are successful in making this, you can surprise your child on her birthday or you can surprise her even without any occasion. You can also make any changes or add anything extra if you want to. It may be time-consuming to make but it is totally worth it for the love and happiness of your child.

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