Picket Fence Headboard

I’m so excited to share with you this awesome trash to treasure project.  One evening out walking, we( me and my daughter) came across this distressed picket fence laying by the curb at my neighbors house. I just fell in love with it I know it needs some TLC but it’s perfect. The first thing I thought was that would be great as a headboard using the top picket to display baseball hats. So we scooped it up, walking down the street with this big picket fence.

Well my nephew’s room needs a headboard…

I was going to make him one out of beadboard, but this is better. After some sweat equity check out the results.

I couldn’t be more happier with the end result and as for my sister-in-law and her son well let’s say they are esthetically happy with this trash to treasure project. And the best part of this piece of art is, it cost less than nothing, Literally. Think about how you can make your trash into a treasure…

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