Painting over Upholstery Chair

If you have an old cushiony chair that you want to get rid of, then my dear friend, change your mind. Because, with this DIY, you can make your chair look beautiful and useful. You might be thinking it is hard to upholster an old chair, but all that you need to do is just pain with normal latex paint over the upholstery, and soon you will produce an amazingly beautiful chair.

Materials needed:
– one quart of regular latex satin paint, get your preferred color.
– One water bottle spray.
– 12-inch or even small paintbrush.
– Fabric medium that should equal the amount of the paint that you use.
– Acrylic craft paint, choose your favorite color, but it should match the latex paint color.
– 180-grit sandpaper

Use an old paintbrush to spread the paint evenly on the fabric and consider painting the fabric with thin layers, don’t make it thick. However, after painting two thin coats, then soften the harder parts with sandpaper.

Now, paint the wooden part with paint and let it dry for a day, then with sandpaper sanded the wood to get a rough finish. Now, your old chair looks beautiful with these simple changes.

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