Painted Vintage Dresser

Last month, I rescued a homeless dresser from my boss’s alley. I pulled up to work and found a pretty awesome if slightly beat up, vintage dresser behind the office. Some elbow grease, vintage nobs from Etsy, some wood filler, two cans of primer, and two cans of gray spray paint later, it’s significantly nicer than the dresser we were previously using.

We followed the tips from Centsational Girl’s blog to complete the project. We didn’t do a coat of Polyurethane but I’m considering going back over it once the weather warms up.

As found in the alley: a little beat up.

The biggest issue was that a few strips of veneer had come off the top.

A few blemishes.

Ok, so the veneer was a little harder to get off than we initially thought it would be. I’m not sure I would have been able to get it all off myself. Here’s Truman with our 5-in-1 tool and a hammer, chiseling it off. The interwebs suggested we use a heat gun… which, or course, we didn’t have. And by the way, a hairdryer was no help.

We used Elmer’s wood filler to fill in the chipped areas prior to sanding and priming.

A coat of primer and roughly two coats of paint. It started to rain as we finished up or I would have gotten a picture in better lighting. It’s not nearly as blotchy as these pictures would leave you to believe.

The vintage pulls I ordered and spray painted were only a set of 7 so I picked up these glass knobs from Home Depot for the top drawer.

Vintage pulls, before they got their face lift.

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