Painted Orange Table

I showed you the abandoned little guy I found on the side of the road the other day.

He needed some love. And a new home. And what a rush it is to pull over and throw a piece of furniture in your car!
Welcome to the Carbonatto household Mr. Roadside Rescue.

Whoa. I went WAY out of my comfort zone in the color world on this one. Fire Engine Orange.  EEK!

But Brecken is getting a new big boy room, and I think this will make the perfect little nightstand.

There were some serious spider webs that needed to be cleaned off (one of which did have a spider and I screamed absurdly loud late at night of course cleaning it). It also needed some wood filler on the top surface (my first time using it!), a good sanding, some priming, and then of course some spray paint!

I kept the hardware original, and stenciled on an 84. This kid is obsessed with numbers right now. Especially 8’s and 4’s. This was the font I used.

The best part, aside from the free-99 price tag, it doubles as storage!

Perfect for a little boy. Oh the treasures that can be stored!

I did an amateur job, at best, at lining it with some scrap grey seersucker fabric I had leftover from our old playroom bunting. It does the trick. Nothing a little hot glue can’t solve!

So there you go! Roadside Rescue numero uno in the books.

I’m so excited to find another one now.  And to have a free, customized “new” nightstand for Brecken’s room. Score!

Have you rescued anything? Do you feel like you can afford to be a little bolder with something that didn’t cost you anything to start with? What did you do?

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