DIY pallet outdoor bench

I couldn’t help myself. I had to get in on the pallet craze. I love just about everything I’ve seen on Pinterest for pallets. Well, almost everything. And my birthday party this past weekend was the perfect excuse for a pallet project.

We have both a patio and a deck. For a long time, only the deck was usable space because we had so many stinkin’ pampas grass plants around the patio that you really couldn’t use the space.

Anyway, since removing all but one of those plants, we have more space and I had moved our outdoor furniture there. But that left our deck kind of empty. That coupled with the cookout Eric had planned for my birthday, meant we needed more seating on the deck.

The pallets that we found were smaller than the usually sized pallets. And if you can see in the picture, they don’t have all the cross beams. I think they must have been built that way because none of them had all the beams and they were all missing in the exact same spot.

So anyway, Eric built the bench and I worked on the cushions. It took 4 pallets to make the bench. Two were just parts and the other two were the seat. Because these pallets didn’t have slats all the way down, Eric removed cross beams from one pallet and put them on the other so that there were be beams all the way across. If you get normal pallets you won’t need to do this part. Then we took the 2 x 4 beams, cut them to the right length and used them as legs, screwing them in both from the side and from the top to make them secure.

I didn’t want to add aback. It just seemed like too much trouble when it was going to sit against the house and the house can serve as the back anyway. So I guess it’s more of a deck bed than a bench. I did add a cushion to the back for comfort, but it’s just leaning. Speaking of cushions, I am not going to do a tutorial on those. I’m just not that great at zippers, so I made them permanent pillows. And frankly, with that large of a pillow, it was a little difficult for me. If you can sew a zipper, any pillow tutorial with a zipper will do.I will however give you a little money saver tip. Instead of using the expensive foam at the craft store to make the cushions.

We used mattress toppers! It was the perfect length. And folded in half, just the right width and cushiness. Yep, cushiness. I totally just made up that word, but you know what I mean.

Sorry for the super bright picture there. I just couldn’t wait! Doesn’t it look great! I love it! I used to hate our deck. It looked so pitiful. Now it’s another little relaxing area in (um, out of?) our home. And a bonus, we can use the area under the bench for storage. You can never have enough storage space! We just slide Caitlin’s little chairs up under and, it’s hard to see but, there’s a toy box under there too.

So there it is. My first pallet project.

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