DIY Outdoor Aqua Table Makeover

This old TV tray had been taking up space in our garage for a long time. When we were clearing things out to get ready for our yard sale, I almost tossed it.

But at the last second, I changed my mind. Our deck was in need of a little side table and I was dying to use this Valspar Exotic Sea (gloss) spray paint I bought last year. Worst case scenario, I didn’t like it and would just sell it for a couple bucks in the yard sale.

Fixing it up was SO simple. I didn’t sand it, didn’t use primer,…I didn’t really do any prep work on it at all. I just wiped it down with a damp rag, let it dry, and started spray painting.

Two coats later, I was done, and in love! What a perfect addition to our (very) neutral deck.

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